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Sometimes I get swept up down the rabbit hole of Youtube – and don’t we all. I’ll watch a video on, say, organizing and then I find myself watching videos about large families that have sold their home and decided to move into an RV. And then “Oh HEY! This video looks fun.” I think that we are in a very exciting time with media and entertainment, where it’s become so easy to be a creator. If you don’t see something that you like, you can so easily create it yourself.

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So I put together a list of some vloggers I hope will help give you a bit of inspiration. I tried to include a wide range of vloggers as well. Click on the titles or the images to access their channels.

Also, apologizies Youtube rabbit trails you may find yourself on today. 😉

1. Truth Bomb Mom – Kristie Kuzmic

This mama showed up on my newsfeed just at the right time a little while ago. She delivers pure honesty about motherhood. She talks about things that EVERY mom encounters AND she does it with humour. It’s like a breath of fresh air. Though she might not have all the  “right” equipment (I’m pretty sure she just uses whatever mic is built into her camera) her personality and content make up for it so much, that you don’t care.

2. Peter McKinnon

While searching for something else one day, this Youtuber showed up in my sidebar as a suggestion. Noticing that his channel looked pretty prefessional and covered some key topics I wanted to learn about – I clicked (He also had really interesting thumbnails – a Youtube MUST). I was captured by how creatively he communicated complicated topics about video and photography. You will thank me by checking out his stuff.

3. Casey Niestat 

Casey is a film maker and entrepreneur who decided he was going to start vlogging daily. I’m really glad he did. One video and I was hooked. Casey has brought so much to the daily vlogging game, in my opinion. His creativity and his personality make for a really great vlogger viewing experience. Thank you Casey!

4. Julian Smith 

If you like absolutely over the top, “WHAT?”, kind of humour, this is a great channel to check out. This is also perfect example of what happens when a professional film maker decides to make Youtube videos. You get great quality content. Julian has a couple other channels – one of them being videos about another character Jeffery Dallas – You can watch them here. 


5. Sam and Nia 

For family vlogger inspiration I totally recommend this family. They are real, honest and cute. Over the last year or so I have really watched them up their game with the video quality and editing too. Check out this video where Sam turned their pool into a giant emoji.

6. Rosanna Pansino

Formerly known as “Nerdy Nummies” this bubbly lady makes some great videos about baking! I first found her when I was looking for Batman cupcake ideas for my oldest sons birthday. You can watch that video here.  But then I quickly started watching more because she was pretty entertaining – and look at that BRIGHT and FUN kitchen!

Vloggers that Will Inspire Your Creative Side

7. MamaKatTV

This girls videos are SO FUN. She just doesn’t care. She kinda breaks some of the “Youtuber Rules” in a sense too where she is completely honest about the fact that she’ll vlog “when she has time” instead of on some “set schedule” which you will always see recommended when starting a channel. In fact I recommended it in my post “How to Start a Youtube Channel – A Beginnings Guide.”  You know what though, not having a schedule works for her. So I say, keep doing whatcha doin’. I also thoroughly enjoy her “Littlest Pet Shop” segments.



So there you have it my friends, a list of some vloggers that have helped sparked creativity in me and given me ideas and inspiration to try in my own videos. You will notice that their are common trends with all of them, quality thumbnails, fast moving, often funny, creative angles, and PERSONALITY.

Now remember if you are just starting out, you may look at these videos and think “I can never be THAT good.” But everyone has to start somewhere, and to be honest if you scroll back to some of their original videos you will notice how their quality has improved overtime.

Patience. Commitment. Consistency. and DOING.

This is how you will grow with your vlogging. And Just have fun with it.

Okay, before you go, I really want to know, what vloggers would you add to this list? Who inspired you to get more curious about vloggin?

Comment below!

Happy Vlogging!!

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Vloggers that Will Spark Creativity


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