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Hey! So, you’re ready to start filming and doing this vlogging thing!

Note: I would recommend checking out most post on How to Start a Vlog before reading this. If you already have then… read on!

If I’m completely honest when I started film making I would completely wing it. I didn’t really know WHAT I was doing so I would just hit record and go. (actually if you want me to be COMPLETELY honest, there may have been a few times I forgot to hit record…EVERYONE HAS!!)

But I was determined to learn. I would literally spend hours watching tutorials on editing, shooting, and storytelling. And watching other vloggers for inspiration. As I went through this process in my learning there were some key elements in their videos that made them stand out far above the rest. My goal with this blog ( is to share with you many of the secrets that I have learned along the way. And hopefully you can grow faster than I did with your content! Either way EVERYONE has to start somewhere, so if this is YOUR somewhere – THANK YOU for letting me be part of that journey!



How long does it take you to decide to keep watching a video. If you’re like me then you will usually decide to click or stay within the first five seconds and Guess what? That is actually a video making rule! And it’s and EASY action that will make your videos stand out above the rest, as well as engage your audience.


One way is to pull a highlight moment from some part of your video, stick a few seconds of it right at the beginning of the vlog. Either a key action moment, something that allows your viewers to ENGAGE. Make it something funny, shocking, a teaser or whatever.


This takes practice because it’s easy to just put the camera on and record anything. But you want to start teaching yourself to edit WHILE your filming. Thinking of creative ways to try and tell your story (that IS what your doing, telling a story with video).


If you are putting something in the microwave or fridge, put the camera in the microwave. CAUTION: Do not actually turn this microwave on.


Instead of having a bunch of random moments pulled together in a video (if you are doing a daily vlog) try to incorporate some kind of theme. Obviously this is easy to do if you are doing a baking vlog, or a tutorial video.


Have some fun creating an intro for your video. It adds a little extra touch and makes your vlog look more professional. I would recommend putting it within the first 30 seconds of your vlog somewhere AFTER your 5 second teaser that we talked about at the beginning of this post. To keep your audience engaged, show them where to go next by adding clickable links to other videos.

Like this:

On this video I created a custom ending scene that included links to one of our favourite videos at the time and a subscribe button. I also went into Youtubes advanced settings and set up the custom watermark (bottom right corner) as well as set up a link to go to another video.


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The only thing more distracting than a shaky camera shot is bad audio. You can find some decent prices for microphones on Amazon (as a mom of three this is where I do MOST of my shopping – I wish they delivered groceries!) . One of my favourites is a Rode shot gun mic. It’s just over $100. You can use your mic that’s built into your camera but you will often pick up the sound in the entire room or worse – if your outside – all of the wind! Hooking up an inexpensive shotgun mic with a wind screen will give you a nice clean sound that doesn’t have your viewers cringing or rushing to click off that video.


Now this isn’t an official rule, but it is one that I sort of created when we started vlogging and film making. As I was going through other vlogger videos and other youtubers I would notice that some videos were just WAY to long! I would find myself skipping ahead through the video just so I could get to the next part. Some of these videos would be almost 20 minutes long! Now I have NOTHING wrong with a 20 minute video as long as it is engaging. The key word is ENGAGING. We kind of made it an unspoken rule that our videos would be fast moving and under 10 minutes. Of course it’s easy to sit there and watch videos of yourself and your cute kids for extended periods of time, but your audience might not feel the same way, and your goal is to keep them around!

If you find you are getting bored watching your own videos as you go through, then cut certain parts out. Keep the “story” moving.

2-3 second Cuts

Next time you are watching a commercial or a high quality Youtube Vid that you love, watch how short the cuts are. Typically, you will notice each shot is about 2-3 seconds long. Unless it is an action scene where something exciting is happening, or a scene where something is being explained.


This is where you get to build a relationship with your viewers. Ask questions throughout your video and ask them to answer in the comments. Ask them to leave questions or do a contest with them. Subscribe or watch another video or link to something else you are doing. Whatever you want!


Give your audience variety. After all, you’ve asked them to come to you and watch something you have created. You have asked them to sit down and give you undivided attention. It’s important to give back to them by providing a great content experience. And if you succeed – they will keep coming back.



Okay, your turn! Let me know if this was helpful. What would you add in this list? Do you have questions about vlogging that I didn’t include? Drop a comment below and let me know.


And hey, THANK YOU for reading. I hope these articles are really helpful.



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